Histogram in Tableau ?

Histogram in Tableau

Histogram in Tableau ?


Histogram chart.

1. Create the Bin on the profit and give the Bin size and click on apply then click on OK. Then it will split the Axis as

2. Now drag that bin into Columns.

3. Drag the profit into Rows. And change the Aggregation as Count.

4. Select Row level CNT(Profit) Right click and press Control Button and Drag it and placed in the Row level and make the dual axis. Then it will create N+1 Marks card.

5. Select first CNT(Profit) then change the Chart Type into Bar

6. And select the second CNT(Profit) and change the Chart Type into Line.

7. Now i am going to filter the Profit(bin) data as the range of -400 to 400.

8. Then the visualization looks like below.

Histogram in Tableau

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