How to generate a snapshot of server logs?

How to generate a snapshot of server logs

How to generate a snapshot of server logs?

Server administrators can quickly generate and download a zipped snapshot of Tableau Server logs from the Server Status page. The snapshot contains a copy of up to seven days of log information and does not affect the actual logs on the server. You can create the snapshot from any browser, and there’s no need to stop the server first.

1 Navigate to the Snapshot Feature
On the Server > Status page, scroll to the bottom of the page:

2 Generate a Snapshot
Click Generate Snapshot. If you’re running a distributed installation of Tableau Server this will collect logs from all servers in the cluster.

You do not have to stop the server before generating a snapshot.

The Generate Snapshot button is available only if no snapshot exists. If an earlier snapshot exists, you need to delete it before generating a new snapshot. Download the existing snapshot first, if you think it contains information you might need.

3 Download a Snapshot
Click Download Snapshot to copy the zipped log files to your local computer:

The Download Snapshot button is available after the snapshot is generated. The downloaded snapshot is saved to the default download location for your web browser.

4 Delete a Snapshot
Click Delete Snapshot to remove an existing snapshot from Tableau Server:

Deleting the snapshot does not delete Tableau Server log files. You are just deleting the snapshot created from those files.

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