How to monitor tableau server

How to monitor tableau server|

How to monitor tableau server


Tableau Server Monitor is installed as part of Tableau Server and can be accessed in the Windows system tray.

Using this tool you can start and stop the server, open Tableau Server, and display server status.

Open the Server
This command launches Tableau Server in your web browser. This is an easy way to access the web application and the associated maintenance tools.

Start/Stop the Server
You can start and stop the server using these commands. When you stop the server you make it unavailable to all of your users and terminate any sessions that are currently in progress. If someone is publishing a workbook when the server is stopped, the process is abandoned. As a result, only some of the worksheets in the workbook may be published to the server. Because stopping the server can be very disruptive to your users, be sure to warn them prior to this operation or plan maintenance during non-business hours.

Restart the Server
This command restarts the server. While the server is restarting it will be unavailable to all users. Be sure to warn your users of the outage prior to this operation. You will need to restart the server if you make changes to the Tableau Server configuration.

Display Status
This command opens a screen tip containing the status of each process. For more detailed status, use the Maintenance page.

Manage Product Keys
This command opens the product key manager where you can add and remove product keys.

This command closes Tableau Server Monitor. It does not stop Tableau Server. You can re-open the application by selecting All Programs > Tableau Server 10.3 > Tableau Server Monitor on the Windows Start menu.

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