How to reduce upload times to tableau server?

How to reduce upload times to tableau server

How to reduce upload times to tableau server?


Avoid publishing packaged workbooks

It is a best practice to publish workbooks (.twb files) and data sources separately, rather than publishing them together as packaged workbook (.twbx files). This may not make your initial uploads of workbooks and data sources any faster than publishing them together, but it makes republishing workbooks faster (if you don’t have to also republish data sources), and it makes data sources available online for new workbooks. For data sources that are extracts, it also allows you to schedule automated refreshes.

Make extracts smaller

For Tableau extracts, you can help speed uploads by making your extract smaller. As you create extracts, consider:

Removing unused fields from extracts.

Making extracts smaller with sampling and filtering.

Aggregating data for visible dimensions.

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