TC-Relative Stock Return?

TC- Relative Stock Return?
1. Drag Date field into columns, and make the date part as exact date.
2. Drag Ticker into filters and select al option.
3. Drag date into filter and select the Range of Dates then click on Next and then click on apply then click on ok.
4. Now create a parameter for date ranges. As shown below.

Parameter For Periods To Average

In the above window select list option then go to Add from Field option in that select Date field.
5. Now create a calculation for Adj Close on Reference Date,
Name the calculation as Adj Close on Reference Date,
Calculation is shown below.

close on reference date

6. And create one more calculation for % Difference,
Name the calculation as % Difference,
Calculation is shown below.


7. Now drag %Difference into Rows.
8. Drag Ticker into color shelf at marks card level.
9. Drag Date field into detail shelf.
10. Drag V Ref field into details at marks card level.
11. The visualization looks like below.

relative stock return

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