What Is TC Weighted Average ?

TC Weighted Average

TC Weighted Average?
1. Drag Priority Score into Columns and select the aggregation as AVG.
2. Drag Order Quantity into Columns.
3. Create a calculation for Wight. As shown below.
Name the calculation as : Weight
Calculation is:
sum([Order Quantity])/window_sum(sum([Order Quantity]),First(),Last())
4. And create a calculation for Weighted Avg Priority.
Name the calculation as : Weighted Avg Priority,
Calculation is:
avg([Priority Score])*[Weight]
5. Now drag Weighted Avg Priority into Columns.
6. Drag Product Sub-Category into Rows.
7. Drag Customer Segment into filter and select Home Office.
8. Drag Measure Names into Filter and select All option then click on apply then click on ok.
9. Now select ALL marks card and drag Measure Names into Color shelf.
10. Now create a Annotate for low Weighted Avg Priority. Then select the Mark type and give the Text as shown below.

product sub category

11. The visualization looks like below.

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