Troubbleshoot disk space usage on tableau sever nodes?

Troubbleshoot disk space usage on tableau sever nodes

Troubbleshoot disk space usage on tableau sever nodes?

When available disk space on a Tableau Server primary or worker node is low, performance can be degraded. If free space falls too low, Tableau Server may begin to perform erratically. To monitor free disk space, configure Tableau Server to save disk usage information (this is on by default) and, if desired, enable alerts about low disk space.

If you find that your Tableau Server installation is running into free disk space limitations, you should take steps to make more space available. This topic suggests some ways you can do that.

Viewing Disk Usage on Tableau Server Nodes
When disk space usage monitoring is enabled (this is the default), server administrators can use the Server Disk Space administrative view to see current disk space usage, and one month of usage data on your Tableau Server nodes. Use this view to help you determine whether one of your server nodes is experiencing a jump in space usage, or if space usage has increased over time.

Cleaning Up Tableau Server-Related Files
To minimize server space used by Tableau Server, you can clean up unnecessary files.

Use the tabadmin cleanup command to remove log files, temporary files, and unneeded entries in the PostgreSQL database. If you want to save the logs before you clean them up, you can make an archive.

Once you have cleaned up log files and temporary files, you may want to use the administrative views to determine which workbooks and data sources are taking up the most space on your server, and whether any of these is not being used

dentifying and Cleaning Up Other Files
There are a number of tools, like WinDirStat, you can use for viewing disk usage and doing cleanup.

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