How Manage Incremental Extracts?

How Manage Incremental Extracts


When you publish a workbook that has an incremental extract, you can associate it with up to two refresh tasks that Tableau Server will handle for you: An incremental refresh of the extract and a full

refresh. After you publish the workbook, you or a Tableau Server administrator can modify any tasks that are associated with the workbook. You can also delete tasks or add more.

Publish and Assign a Schedule

In Tableau Desktop, after you create a workbook that uses an extract, go to Server > Publish Workbook, and click Scheduling & Authentication. Next, choose schedules for your refreshes and click OK.

After you publish in Tableau Desktop and choose your refresh schedules,Tableau Server handles the refresh tasks for you.

2 Select the Workbook

To modify a workbook’s scheduled task, sign in to Tableau Server and on the Workbooks page, select the workbook:

3 Access the Refresh Schedule

Click Refresh Schedule.

Select the check box for the refresh task you want to modify:

4 Edit, Delete, or Add More Tasks

Select the action you want to take—for example, Change Schedule—and make your selection. You can also delete the task, change its priority, or add more refresh tasks.

How Manage Incremental Extracts


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