How to Assign permissions to the groups?

How to Assign permissions to the groups

Now that you’ve got users and you’ve assigned them to groups, we’ll assign permissions to those groups to establish who can do what.


How to Assign permissions to the groups

At the risk of repeating ourselves, we’re not assigning permissions to individual users—users will get their permissions from the groups they’re in.
In the menu at the top of the page, click Content > Projects.
Select the Marketing project, click the Actions menu (…), and then click Permissions.

The Permissions pane shows the groups and users that you’ve assigned permissions to. Right now, the only group listed is the All Users group. This is always listed, even if you’ve removed all permissions, as you did earlier.
Click Add a user or group rule, and then select the Marketing – Content Developers group.

Here you are creating a group permissions rule that will be associated with this project and its workbooks and data sources.
The page updates so that you can select permission roles under Project, Workbooks, and Data Sources.

The permission roles you see (Viewer, Publisher, Project Leader) are predefined sets of capabilities that make setup easier.
If a set of capabilities differs from a predefined role in any way, the role will be displayed as Custom.
Under Project, select the Publisher permission role.
To see what capabilities are included for the role, click the expand icon next to Project.

Selecting the Publisher role sets the project’s View and Save capabilities to Allowed, but the Project Leader capability is left Unspecified.

Notice also that individual project capabilities are shown as icons. To see the capability name, hover over the icon. Or click the link above the icons to show capabilities captions.

Under Workbooks, select the Editor permission role.

Under Data Sources, select Connector.

Click Save to save the permissions settings.

The combination of permissions for this set of permissions roles lets members of the Marketing – Content Developers group create and manage workbooks in the site.
Starting with step 3 of this procedure, repeat the steps to add the Marketing – Content Viewers group and set its permissions. This time, use the following permission roles:
Project: Viewer
Workbooks: Interactor
Data Sources: None
The combination of permissions that are granted by this set of permissions roles lets members of the Marketing – Content Viewers group view and interact with content in the site, subject to the limitations of their site roles.

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