How to Create a new User?

How to Create a new User


For this walkthrough, you’ll create four users. For the purposes of this illustration, you are going to create local users, all of whom you can delete when you are finished with this walkthrough.

Just for this project (not for your own projects), and to help you easily identify the user’s site role and project role, you’ll give them verbose names in this form: <name> – <project role> – <site role>:

Ashley – Content Developer – Publisher

Adam – Data Analyst – Publisher

Henry – Content Viewer – Interactor

Susan – Content Viewer – Viewer

In the menu at the top of the page, click Users.

Click Add Users.

Click Local User, and then enter the user details for user Ashley. For Display name, use the verbose name, but use just Ashley for Username. Skip Email, and give Ashley the site role of Publisher, as it says in the verbose name.

Do the same to create the other three users. Make sure you assign them the site roles that are suggested in their verbose names. (You can change these later if you need to.)

When you’re done, you’ll see a list of users like this one:

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