How to Create Groups?

How to Create Groups

Next, you’ll create two groups for these users. The groups will let you assign permissions to the users, based on what the users need to be able to do in the Marketing project. These are the groups you’ll be creating:
Marketing – Content Developers. This group is for users who can publish, edit, and manage workbooks, and connect to data sources.

Marketing – Content Viewers. This group is for users who can view and sometimes interact with content in the project, but can’t publish or save anything.
As with the user names, we’re using verbose names here just for purposes of the walkthrough. But notice that we’re including the functional role of the members (Content Developers).
In the menu at the top of the page, click Groups.
Click New Group and then name the group Marketing – Content Developers.
Repeat these steps to create the other two groups. When you’re done, you’ll see a list of groups like this one:

Here’s a tip: the permissions you set up later for groups will use the group name, so consider using descriptive, meaningful language when you name your

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