How to Keep data fresh in tableau server?

How to Keep data fresh in tableau server

In many cases, the data that’s displayed in a workbook or view changes after the user publishes the workbook. For example, if a user has a workbook that displays monthly sales information, the data for the workbook has to be updated at least every month.

How to Keep data fresh in tableau server
If the data source for the workbook has been configured to use a live connection to the data, the workbook can read updated data every time the workbook is opened. (That’s what we showed you in the procedure just before this section.) But if the data source for the workbook relies on an extract connection, the extract has to be refreshed with the latest data.
When a user publishes a workbook with an extract, the extract is stored on the server. The data is then included with the workbook when a user downloads the workbook or views the workbook on the server.
You can refresh an extract in two ways. A full refresh replaces the current extract with new data. An incremental refresh adds any new data to the existing extract. (In order to support incremental refreshes, the data has to include data like a date stamp or sequential ID that can be used to indicate where to start the incremental refresh.)
Your users can refresh an extract immediately in Tableau Desktop by selecting a data source on the Data menu and then selecting Extract > Refresh.
As an administrator you can also refresh extracts immediately:
Sign in to Tableau Server.
At the top of the page, click Tasks.
Under Extract Refreshes, select the workbook or data source that you want to refresh.
On the Actions menu, click Run Now.
Set a refresh schedule that users can choose from
When a user publishes a workbook that includes an extract, the user can set up a refresh schedule. This setting is available from the Publish Workbook dialog box in Tableau Desktop

As the admin, you control the refresh schedule that is presented to users when they publish (the highlighted area in the screen shot). To change the refresh schedules that your users can select, follow these steps:
Sign in to Tableau Server.
At the top of the page, click Schedules.
Disable, delete, or edit any existing schedules that you don’t want by selecting the schedule, and then clicking the appropriate action on the Actions menu.
Create a new schedule by clicking New Schedule and then setting a schedule in the New Schedule dialog box:

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