How to Set a Site’s Web Authoring Access?

How to Set a Site’s Web Authoring Access


Tableau Server administrators can specify at the site level whether to allow users to edit published views in the web environment.


By default web authoring functionality is enabled for all sites. Users with the Web Edit capability to edit workbooks directly on the server. Turn off web authoring if you want users to be able to view and interact with published workbooks but not make any changes to the core information.


The steps below describe how to set web authoring for an entire site. For more granular control over which users can use web editing, you can use projects, groups, and permissions. See Set Web Edit, Save, and Download Access on Content.

How to Set a Site’s Web Authoring Access


Turn web authoring on or off for a site

In a web browser, sign in to the server as an administrator and go to the site in which you want web authoring to be enabled. In that site, click Settings.

Select Allow users to use web authoring to enable the functionality.

Clear the check box to turn off web authoring for that site.

If your site is already in production, and you want the change to take effect immediately, restart the server.

Otherwise, the change takes effect after server session caching expires or the next time users sign in after signing out.


When you enable web authoring, make sure that, on the appropriate workbooks or views, the permission rule for a user or group allows the Web Edit capability.

If you turn off web authoring on a production site and do not complete the last step to restart the server, users might continue to have authoring access until their session caches expire or they sign out.

See which sites allow web authoring

To confirm which sites allow web authoring, on the site-selection menu at the top, select Manage All Sites, and then go to the Sites page


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