Set the data source permissions?

Set the data source permissions

Publishing data sources to Tableau Server lets people on your team provide centralized access to data. It enables data sharing among users, including those who don’t use Tableau Desktop but have permission to edit workbooks in the web editing environment. Users working with Tableau Desktop can publish data sources as extracts or as live connections.

As the administrator, you determine which users have the right to publish data sources. These users must have a site role of at least Publisher for the site. In addition, non-administrator users must have View and Save permissions for the project that they want to publish to. (For a review of user permissions, see the Projects and Content Permissions chapter. )
Aside from determining who can publish data sources, you can set permissions to determine who can connect to data sources and who can edit them. You can configure access by setting the following permission roles for either the project or for individual data sources:
Connector. This permission role sets permissions that allow the user or group to use the data source on the server to connect to the underlying data.
Editor. This permission role sets permissions that allow the user or group to connect using the data source on the server and also to publish, edit, download, delete, set permissions, and schedule refreshes for the data source.
You can set permissions on individual data sources in a project only if that project is unlocked.
To set permissions on data sources in a project, follow these steps:
Sign in to Tableau Server.
Click site menu at the top of the page, and then select the site to work with.
Click the Content tab, click Projects, and then select the project on which you want to set permissions.
Under Actions, click Permissions.
Select or add the user or group that you want to assign data source permissions to.
Under Data Sources, select the permission role that you want to set.

Click save

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