What are the Test permissions by publishing and interacting?

What are the Test permissions by publishing and interacting

The ultimate test of permissions is to actually go through the tasks that users need to do. You want to be sure that users can perform the tasks that they need to, and the users are not able to perform tasks that you have not granted them permissions for.
Start by testing users’ ability to publish.

What are the Test permissions by publishing and interacting
In Tableau Desktop, open the Superstore workbook (in Sample Workbooks).
Select Server > Sign In, and then sign in to your server as the administrator.
This ensures no other user will be the owner for this workbook.
Select Server > Publish workbook, and publish the workbook to the Marketing project.
Publish other workbooks as you choose.
Now try signing in to Tableau Server as different users to test what happens when they try to publish and perform other tasks.
Sign in to your server as Adam, and test out what you can do.
Sign out, and then repeat this exercise, signing in as Ashley, then as Henry, and finally as Susan.
Open the Marketing project, and then open the Superstore workbook.
Open the Forecast view in the workbook.
Notice the options available for interacting with the workbook. If Edit is available, notice whether the user is allowed to save the view.

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